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Natural Cycles Explains Science Behind Effectiveness of Natural Cycles App

Natural Cycles co-founder reveals the fascinating science behind the effectiveness of the popular birth control and pregnancy planning app. Capable of generating vast amounts of data on women’s menstrual cycles, it’s believed that birth control and pregnancy planning apps have enormous potential to uncover new scientific discoveries. This is provided that data can be validated […]

Natural Cycles Survey Reveals Changing Attitudes to Natural Birth Control

Recent CYCLE survey, undertaken in partnership with Natural Cycles, builds a richer picture of the current birth control landscape. A study of more than 4,000 women and almost 500 healthcare professionals surrounding today’s natural birth control landscape, contraceptive survey ‘CYCLE’ was conducted by Natural Cycles in partnership with a leading market research firm late last […]

Natural Cycles

Natural Cycles Reviews Continue to Demonstrate Efficacy for the App’s Pregnancy Planning Mode

As users approach 1 million and reviews for the Natural Cycles app top 30,000 across Apple and Android devices, new feedback praises the natural birth control app’s ‘plan’ mode. While Natural Cycles is perhaps best known as a contraceptive solution designed to prevent pregnancy, the intelligent, non-hormonal birth control app-which learns users’ unique menstrual cycles-can also be […]

Natural Cycles Highlights the Importance of Contraceptive Choice

Natural Cycles’ co-founder explains why birth control choice is so important, and why Natural Cycles wants to lead the digital health revolution. Every woman is different, and with no ‘one size fits all’ answer to birth control, Natural Cycles is on a mission to revolutionize the current contraceptive landscape.Co-founder of the company and responsible for the Natural Cycles […]