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Monthly Archives: September 2019

Natural Cycles offers closer look at its ‘time to pregnancy’ research paper

Natural Cycles CEO explains how the app’s ‘Plan a Pregnancy’ mode is helping users to get pregnant faster when deciding to start or add to their family. Chiefly marketed as a non-invasive and hormone-free form of digital contraceptive,¬†Natural Cycles‘ pioneering birth control application can also help those looking to start a family to get pregnant […]

Natural Cycles Celebrates Ties to Don’t Ban Equality

Team behind Natural Cycles app celebrates being a part of Don’t Ban Equality, representing companies standing up for reproductive rights. Promoting equality in the workplace, this is, according to Don’t Ban Equality, one of the most important business issues of our time. Alongside companies including MAC Cosmetics, H&M, Refinery29, Ben & Jerry’s, and Backstage Capital,¬†Natural […]